June 17th, 2007
Photoshop and drawingtablet

This is yet another piece of fanart I made for the ever popular webcomic PokémonX. I made it after I realized that one of the main characters, Wally would be leaving the rest of the gang. Wally is a little... uhm... eccentric. He absolutely loves the color green. He refuses to catch anything but green Pokémon. So for this picture I counted all the green Pokémon (or Pokémon with green parts) I could find from generation 1 to 4. I even included all the shinies! It's surprising how many Pokémon become green as shinies. Now we know exactly which Pokémon Wally will have to catch if he ever wants to be able to say, that he has all the green Pokémon in the world.
I also included all the sprites and a bonus green 'Pokémon' for Wally to catch, altough the poor Namek looks a little shocked. I'll bet Piccolo never saw that coming...

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