May 14th, 2007
Photoshop and drawingtablet

This was my entry for the PokémonX Maycontest of 2007. It came in second. The assignment was to draw May. Well, May is not my favourite character (especially after I saw her in the tv-series), but I thought I could give it a try anyway. So here she is, SoL-ified of course! ;)
I was actually kind of surprised about how this picture turned out. There are quite a few things 'not right' with the drawing, but overall it looks quite nice. Sure, the Photoshop file was HUGE, but it was worth it. And since my computer was recently buffed up with extra RAM-Memory anyway, Photoshop never went belly up on me. That's really all I want: to be able to draw without having Photoshop freeze up...

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