July 3rd, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet

New sketch for one of the entrants of Kilara's Avian contest. This time it's Dave, Aazure-Dragon's skeletal shadow-creature thing. Apparently he used to be an English teacher, but now he's a super hero of sorts. I had a blast drawing this guy, if only for the funky design. The see-through-y-ness is my own personal touch, by the way. I figured it might be a nice effect, since Dave is a shadow monster. It looks as if he is just materializing, or something.

Unfortunately my computer ruined the drawing experience a bit, by having a heat stroke... twice. My progress literally consisted of: work for one our, swear at computer for shutting itself down due to overheating, wait for two hours for it to cool down, turn computer back on, repeat cycle... So I've made up my mind. I'm getting a new computer next year... Ten years is a long time to have a computer anyway... -__-

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