May 31st, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet

My part of an art trade with Icyookami. This is her character Kuroi. It was a chance to practice drawing humans some more! It was quite though to draw this pic, because I basically only got a few portraits as reference material. I had no idea what this guy looked like below the neck, what his personality and background were like, and when asked what kind of clothes Kuroi usually wears, Icyookami told me he either wears a suit or 'anything gothic/punkish'...
You... do realize you just gave me a full license to design anything I want to, right? :D

Since I have no fashion sense whatsoever, Kuroi here ended up looking like an urban stealth ninja, but who cares! I think Icy likes ninjas anyway. I really wanted to get this picture right, so I really did my best. Seven sketches went into this picture, before I decided upon a final design. I looked up several anatomy reference pictures, just to be on the safe side, I checked the drawing and shading styles of various artists (including Icy herself) and I even modelled the hand holding the leather jacket myself! Let me tell you, using you left hand to try and model for a right hand (means you bend it in a rather unusual way), while holding out a jacket for several minutes really hurts!

Anyway, Kuroi is sporting a body armor, which he... borrowed from someone. The armor follows the basic muscle groups of the human body. Kuroi's wearing a pair of pants over the lower part of the armor, so you'll just have to use you imagination for that bit. ;) He normally wears his brown leather jacket over the top half, in order to hide the armor and the sword from view a bit. It does a pretty poor job, but whatever! Finally, the bag strapped to his waist contains the neccesary surval equipment, so old Kuroi here is always good to go.
Sorry if the picture was out of character for your Kuroi, Icy, but I really had no idea what to do! XD I didn't even know if this guy would look better smiling of frowning, so his expression became more or less neutral in stead. I mostly based myself on the chibi collage of you original characters, which had Kuroi dressed in a gray suit with straps all over the place and looking a little angry. That was Kuroi in the lower left corner, right? Gosh, I hope it was him! XD

Enjoy! Hope you like it.

Here is Icyookami's return art.

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