May 15th, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet

My part of an art trade with Lunewen. First we did a sketch art trade and after that we agreed to color the pictures. So here are her two lioness characters again: Lucepuce (front) and LunŽwen (back).
I realize I've gone a little overboard on this picture. I went and tried to paint a savannah-like setting, for the lions to roam on. I realize I've done a poor job at portraying the African savannah accurately and to top it off, I caved in about half way through and resorted to using Photoshop brushes for the vegetation, despite my initial resolve not to do this. I wanted to draw it all myself, using nothing but the airbrush. Heh, who was I kidding? Anyway, the end result looks like some sort of cross between a savannah and a Dutch polder, but oh well... Can't be helped. It still looks more or less all right to me.

I know we just agreed on doing colored art trades, and we never said anything about full blown backgrounds either. Like I said, I totally went overboard on this one and I even considered adding colored linework for a while. Since I sort of broke the rules of the agreement (in a possitive way, but still), I'll totally understand if you make a more simple picture, Lunewen. ;)

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