November 25th, 2008
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Finally! A reference sheet for Blue Uncia. Old Blue isn't too different from normal Unciae, but he is totally unique and unlike any others of his kind. One of a kind. And for some reason he's also much more popular than his brethren.

Anyway, long story short: Blue is a little smaller than most Unciae, has a slightly different haircut and he's well... Blue. Other than that the exact same rules apply, so don't forget to also check out the regular Uncia's ref sheet.

Note: the stripes on this cat are non-symmetrical, meaning that the stripes on one side are NOT identical to the ones on the other side. Also, I haven't really fixated the actual stripe pattern (yet), so if you do decide to draw this guy, feel free to just doodle some stripes in whatever way you like. The only thing which is fixed is the location of the stripes. There are only stripes on the uppers legs (a.k.a. shoulders and hips), and nowhere else on the body.

That's it. Blue Uncia © me, so not touching.

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