February 25th, 2011
Photoshop and drawingtablet

I've been meaning to show a little of my possible IPL character, but... I'm afraid Nehal is actually still under development. So I only have a bio and some scribbles to show for my effort. Much of her design isn't set in stone yet.

Yes, Nehal Simunek is a girl, and she's 28 years old. She's from Orre, and her personality can be described as: mischievous, independent, outgoing, flamboyant, curious, reasonably sophisticated and elegant, not particularly feminine. She's a former Team Snagem member, but defected after she found out what was happening to the Pokémon she stole. She then played snitch for the cops, which in turn got her a reduced jail sentence of "only" two years. She leads a fairly crime free life now, but if she ever spots some fancy electronic device, a handy tool, or a salvageable piece of metal, it may mysteriously go missing.
Nehal loves to tinker with machines and with computers. The Snagem Machine she has on her arm doesn't actually work, it's just there to intimidate people.

Also depicted: Lillian, Nehal's Porygon-Z. Lillian is something of an illegal product. Nehal hacked into Silph's mainframe and downloaded the blueprints for Porygon. She then built a Porygon using scrap material she managed to scrounge up. Of course, the blasted thing didn't work, so she then spent years tweaking and upgrading Lillian, and now she (Lillian considers herself female) is relatively glitch free. Lillian refuses to undergo any more upgrades from Nehal, preferring instead to write her own programs. Lillian looks a little off because she was basically built out of junk, but is an otherwise pretty normal Porygon-Z.

Carmen, the Ditto. Nehal traded Carmen for the Shadow Pokémon which was assigned to her, because... it tried to kill her. Repeatedly. Being a traded Pokémon, Carmen is fairly hard to control, but he'll generally do as he's told. Carmen is flirtatious to the core. His transformation skills are flawless, but he'll deliberately keep his bedroom eyes in all forms.

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