October 8th, 2010
Photoshop and drawingtablet

And here's the cast image for Gordon's two Pokémon, Ornlu the Mightyena and Chaser the Yanma (yes, I decided to cram the two in the same image). They'll both be making their debutes in SoL soon.

Ornlu is Gordon's first Pokémon, and like his owner he is very quiet but reliable. He turned out a bit light-colored here, but let's just say he's a silver breed or something; not accepted in shows, obviously. Does not represent the breed. Well, not in looks at least. Like most members of his species, Ornlu fights like a demon.

Chaser, meanwhile, is a very normal Yanma. He's also quite young, and insecure about his combat abilities. If he realizes his opponent is stronger than him, Chaser panics. He is very affectionate, though.

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