August 31st, 2010
Photoshop and drawingtablet

I felt like sharing one of SoL's future characters. Meet Sable, Kevin's Rapidash.

Sable is a little different from other Rapidashes, and I don't just mean that he's shiny. He is also a slightly different breed, with a different horn shape, a larger and heavier body and socks. Socks that are on fire.

Most of Kevin's Pokémon seem emotionally stunted (you have to be if you belong to that nut), but Sable is quite expressive. However, he has just one emotion: utter disdain for everything. He considers himself an aristocrat and most other Pokémon are not worthy to lick the dust off his hooves. Sable is wild. Sable is mean. And when Sable fights... well, it's best to just run away in the opposite direction...

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