August 17th, 2010
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Since I'm taking a little break from the PokeVenture I figure I might as well show you guys some other characters I had lined up as possible candidates. You see, Moche wasn't the only character I considered using; these three were alternatives until I finally picked our friendly red bug.

Or rather, two of these were possible candidates, while the third (the Raticate) was an important co-star. From left to right, we have:

Kinlare the Houndour (Kin, for short)
Age: Prime
Gender: Female
Nature: Serious
Kin is a police dog, specially trained for covert ops. In her case, she was trained as an attack, track and guard canine, and her mission is to infiltrate the Rocket Game Corner to dig up some dirt on them. The Rockets have been doing a very good job, maintaining the casino's front and making it look like a legitimate business, so the police have never had grounds to properly search the place. It's Kin's job to change that. She is currently undercover as a Rocket guard dog. One of her primary objectives is to rendez-vous with her informant, a Raticate named Johnny.
This Houndour takes her job very seriously, and has absolutely no sense of humor. She is agile and muscular, and her body markings are similar to those of a Dobermann Pincher. She's had a rather painful opration to have state of the art surveillance equipment mounted to the inside of her skull-helmet. It is so advanced that it is nearly impossible to detect, and it allows human officers outside the building to track her progress and give her orders. That said, the connection gets a little dodgy when Kin goes down to the lower levels of the building. To have all this stuff installed, her helmet had to be hollowed out somewhat, making it weaker and more prone to crack. Kin will avoid using headbutting attacks. The earpiece she has is Rocket equipment and was given to her when she was assigned to the base. It allows her to communicate with other Rocket Pokemon, but it also has an electronic tracker.
Kin is a rather disillusioned individual. She joined the force to help make the world a better place, but now she doubts whether anything she does will really make a difference. The big fish always get away. Then there's the less than friendly way she is treated by other humans and Pokemon in general. They tend to fear her; Houndours have a bad reputation. This treatment sometimes makes her question further why she bothers trying to help people and Pokemon who do not like her - not that she'll try and buddy up with others to change their mind. If people want to hate her, that's fine by her.
All this, however, does not mean Kin herself isn't guilty of the same narrow-mindedness. She in turn views Rocket Pokemon as mindless fighting machines, and thinks they deserve every beating they receive. It would take quite something for her to change her opinion.

Reason for not picking Kin: Super-serious mission-oriented female? She's basically three times worse than Sandy, and I've grown a little tired of characters like that. That said, I might write a few short stories about Kin some day.

Johnny the Raticate (non-participating character)
Age: Prime
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Johnny is a Rocket Pokemon who has recently decided to cooperate with the cops. His exact motives are unknown. His conscience might be acting up - he's seen and done quite a few things he isn't very proud of -, but he might just as easily have a hidden agenda. He's not very open about it. If Kin even had the slightest reason to trust him, that attitude of his thoroughly shattered it. And then there's also the fact that Johnny downright annoys Kin. He's loud, boastful and jovial, and he insists on telling everybody jokes. No-sense-of-humor-Kin is not amused. The fact that he refers to Team Rocket as "one big happy family" is just downright baffling to her, and she doesn't think he is serious about it.
This Raticate is quite large and muscular for his species. He's also scruffy and quite smelly, as rats usually are. Other than that he is a fairly typical member of his species. Johnny's job, once he's contacted Kin, is to guide her to the lower levels of the building and help her find the information she's after.

This character was partially inspired by Edowaado.

Adele the Glameow
Age: Elder
Gender: Female
Nature: Bold
Adele is a stand-alone character, in that she doesn't really have a supporting cast. She's also the most random candidate character, as she has no real backstory. Adele is a stately old lady who used to be a contest champ (beauty category), but who is now retired. Despite being old, she is still graceful and elegant. She is also very polite, but Adele is somewhat senile. She will often get lost, forget who she was talking to, forget to listen during a conversation and forget what she was doing. But at least she's usually cheerful. However, if she doesn't understand why certain (bad) things are happening, she will get scared like a child.
Adele belongs to a stinking rich lady with a gambling addiction, which means Adele frequently visits the Game Corner with her master. Like most visiting Pokemon, Adele is allowed to wander around the public areas while her human plays her games. One day, while looking for a toilet - she doesn't use the litter box, and yes, she also knows how to flush - Adele took a wrong turn and ended up in the off-limits areas below the Game Corner. When she finally realized she wasn't where she was supposed to be, she was already hopelessly lost. Now she wanders around aimlessly, quite possibly while going around in circles. It is only a matter of time before she gets into serious trouble.

Reasons for not entering with Adele: She was just a bit too random, and I can't really get into a character unless they have a proper backstory. In a way I suppose she could have been a very interesting character though, seeing how she is quite tragic in her own way. I like tragic.

Speaking of which, I think I have finally decided what Moche's theme song will be!

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