November 1st, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet

I realize all my drawings of AdÔr so far haven't really shown clear angles of how his head looks. Thing is that he doesn't have a feline-like head, nor a purely human one. In stead, his face looks like an odd mix of the two.

The forehead is rounded like a human's, with a brow ridge and eye brows. The eyes are almond-shaped and taper towards the nose. The cheeks and chin are also human-shaped, while the nose looks a lot like a cat nose, except it has a slight point and wings like a human nose. The upper lip has a slight split, but both the upper and lower lips are still quite human looking. The gums are lined with shark-like teeth. The skin around the mouth is quite flexible, allowing AdÔr to make crazy-wide grins. When his face is in the 'neutral' position, however, his mouth's proportions will look normal. The ears are elf-like, and are bare on the inside and furred on the outside with tufts on the tips. The ears still have distinct ear lobes, and AdÔr has a set of earrings. The face as a whole is much flatter than a cat's, but it does protrude forwards a bit to form something of a muzzle. The entire face is covered with short, soft fur, which is the same color as the fur on the rest of the body. It is quite fine, and does not stand out much, especially if you're looking at him front a distance. AdÔr doesn't have whiskers, which sort of compromises his ability to navigate by night. He still has excellent night vision, though. His hearing is good too, but he can't move his ears.

Oh, and yeah. He has some chin and cheek fuzz going on. He's only fourteen years old, but apparently manticore males develop facial hair quite early in life, eh?

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