June 28th, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet

In a strange, slightly ironic twist of fate, the one who claimed to have been born lucky, died a rather unfortunate death at the hands of a mere human, thus being spared the ultimate fate of the rest of his kind...

Deep, ain't it? XD
For those of you who are waiting to draw my Avian, please note that this is not a (final) ref sheet! It is in fact my final concept sketch for Kilara to approve, and I may still change a few things in this guy's design. I am pretty happy with how he looks so far, though. Bit too colorful, perhaps, but yeah... I like him.

So anyway, this is my Avian, Jamin. He's an older male (about middle-aged). In life he was a big strong guy, with a combat-related background (either a royal guard, or a soldier). He was a veteran, but this didn't seem to affect his attitude one bit. Jamin was a cheerful, even mischievous individual, with a zest for life. He never grew tired of pulling pranks either, which, given his age, may make him seem childish sometimes. He also went by a lot of nicknames, such as 'Jamin of the Southern Winds, 'The Lucky One', and of course 'The Great Dash' (that's modesty, right there). I seem to have a thing for characters with upbeat, somewhat flamboyant personalities. ^^

Jamin's main element is 'Wind', which is also his symbol. His color scheme is (loosely) based on that of a rooster, but with way more saturated colors. The color of his inner flesh is light pink, to almost white, indicating that he isn't particularly skilled at magic. His physical strength and speed make up for this. Jamin's quite a big boy.

Jamin was particularly famous for his tall tales, especially the one about that time in his youth, when he supposedly saw a flying whale...

Bigger version here.

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