July 23rd, 2009
Photoshop and drawingtablet

Okay, phew! So this was the picture I had on the back burner, having worked on it off and on for the last few months or so. It's the Amcornos spoiler art I had promised to make. For those of you who haven't really been paying attention lately, Amcornos is the comic I would one day like to make. Until that day comes, I'm basically using comics like SoL for practice, to become a better artist and story teller.

I am so glad I finally finished this piece, because now I finally have something to show people next time they ask me what Amcornos is. I'll just shove it in their faces and say: 'THIS is Amcornos!' Well, sort of anyway. I mean, sadly I did make quite a few mistakes in the anatomy and the proportions, but I'll get to that.

What is Amcornos? (Big wall of text coming up, you've been warned.)
Amcornos is a fantasy/sci-fi themed comic, set in on an Earth-like planet. The story revolves around three kids and this big dragon-like thing, and it spans over several arcs as it follows each of their lives. You should know that the first concepts for this comic were born in roughly 2005. By my standards, this makes it one of my oldest projects. As such, its plot tends to be a little jumbled, and I still have a lot of kinks to work out. Additionally, a lot of the characters need work, and you'll also often see me making fun of their names. Just so you know.

Okay, here we go. The as of yet nameless planet on which the comic takes place (it used to be called 'Terre', but I no longer like that name) is a slightly confusing place. This place is home to both earth-creatures (including humans) and non earth-creatures. Back in ancient times humanity used to be technologically more advanced, but has since then slipped into a bit of a depression. Most of the old monuments and machines of the ancients lie rusting and unused, most people don't even know what they are or what they are used for. There are a few exceptions of course, there are always people who manage to get some of the old junk to work again. Some use it to further humanity, while others use it for warfare. Yet others analyse the machinery and find out how they operate. Because of this, humans are slowly but surely redeveloping themselves technologically. This doesn't mean that everybody has access to such technology, however. Especially the poorer people still live in medieval-like circumstances, which is why in this world you may find some people still using swords and axes, while others have laser guns, so to speak.

The world is also steeped in old legends, especially ones about the past and about the ancients. A lot of the stories also tell about mythical heroes with super-natural abilities, who brought peace to the world. These stories mostly have nostalgic value, because today's world is anything but peaceful. The world of Amcornos is deeply divided by an age-old war that has been raging between the two dominant powers of the planet for centuries. Around each super-nation there are several smaller nations and kingdoms, clustered together in alliances. I don't have a name for them yet, but basically there is an aggressor-side and a defender-side. They aren't really good or evil. Both sides have good qualities and bad ones. The war is mostly over resources and territory. Between all the fighting there are also lots of gangs of bandits roaming the country side, taking advantage of the absence of armies to protect the peasants. So basically the planet is a bit of a messy place. Of course it's not all unsafe. Most of the larger cities are relatively peaceful, especially if they are far from the front line, but there are also places where you REALLY don't want to spend the night.

Because of all this, most people learn how to defend themselves quite early in life. Learning how to use a weapon is part of their education. Additionally, a lot of people may also have special abilities to help them fight. This is actually where things get tricky for me, because there is no magic in the world of Amcornos, and yet a lot of the characters may have magic-like powers. I know I'm setting myself up for disaster here, by having no magic to explain the weird stuff that'll happen in my world. Lol.
But what's basically going on is that a lot of the people in Amcornos are simply born with these abilities, just like the mutants in X-Men. In Amcornos, these mutants roughly fall in six distinct categories: elementalists (have the ability to control one or more element), psychics, weavers, shape shifters, physicals (super strength and/or speed) and soul wielders (extinct). People with such powers are very common and some may even have more than one ability. Note however, that just because some people have these powers, doesn't automatically mean they are very strong. Some may still easily be defeated by someone who has no powers at all, but happens to be more skilled at combat or whatever.

So that's the rough line-out of the world of Amcornos. The four main characters all live in a backwater-province in a small kingdom on the defender-side alliance, and they are all from a rural area. Throughout the story they each face their own personal problems, and eventually develop from mere provincials into internationally important figures.

Shadow (Dragon-like creature standing in the back)
Gender: Male
Species: Bacroe'tek (often abbreviated as Baa)
Age: Over eighty years old
Abilities: None

Bacroe'teks, or 'Baas', are like the elephants of the Earth, only with wings. They are highly intelligent, social herbivores. They are very fast on their feet and even faster on their wings, and they are famous for their incredible stamina. Baas are not sentient, nor can they speak, but they are very, very smart. They also have great memory, and seem to remember almost everything throughout their very long lives. Some are domesticated and used for transportation. Having one of these creatures is a sign of high social status, which raises the question why Thomas' father, a mere farmer, has one...

Shadow is a very large Baa (though perhaps not quite as big as I drew him here). He is also quite old, even by Baa-standards. Despite this, he is in great health, save for the fact that he is missing part of one horn. He has seen his fair share of battles and as a result he is not likely to back away, should he ever find himself in another one. Most of the time, however, Shadow is quite placid. He is mainly concerned with eating, flying and fooling around with Thomas, of who he is very fond.

Thomas (Blue kid on the left)
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Dragmould mutation)
Age: Early teens (note that I haven't really established the age of any of these characters yet, and also note that they all grow older throughout the story)
Weapon of choice: Spear
Abilities: Lightning elementalist

Thomas is a juvenile Dragmould. A Dragmould is a little-understood mutation within the human species (separate from the mutants that simply have special powers). Most Dragmoulds are like Thomas, in that they are born with very distinct visual characteristics. Most have different colored skins, possess tails, and unusual shaped feet. They live fairly normally until they hit puberty (always a bad age) at which point they undergo a rapid transformation. They grow in size, get claws and fangs, lose their ability to speak and grow a pair of wings. Most become quite savage after this, so naturally Dragmoulds are feared by most people. Juveniles like Thomas are sometimes tolerated, but more often than not they are abandoned or even killed at birth.

Being what he is, Thomas is also shunned by most, and hardly has any friends. It's all the more sad for him, because he is a sweet little kid, and he is genuinely concerned about what he may or may not do once he reaches adulthood. He tries not to let this get to him, however, and each day he attempts to make the most of what he considers his probably very short life as himself. He lives in a relatively peaceful rural community, and helps his dad out on the farm. His father also taught him a thing or two about martial arts, in the hopes that it would teach the boy about self-control and patience. Rage is thought to be an important factor in triggering a Dragmould's transformation.

Fernn (Red-head in the middle)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Teen (I drew him way too old)
Weapon of choice: Short sword
Abilities: Fire elementalist

Hmm, I seem to have a thing for red-head OCs. Heh. Anyway, this is Fernn, and he probably needs a new look, as well as a new name. He's your typical fiery red-head, with red-hot temper to match. Of the three kids he is also the eldest, and possibly the strongest. He's a bit of a clown, most of the time, but he also has a lot of leadership potential, which is probably a good thing, because taking orders is definitely NOT one of his strengths.

Fernn is from a village close to where Thomas lives, and was infamous for the trouble he caused for everyone. He quickly matured somewhat after his village was raided by bandits, and he was the only survivor. He was taken into Thomas' village where at first he caused a lot of trouble by being his usual stubborn self. On hind sight, that may have been his way of coping with his loss. Eventually he befriended Thomas, and the two of them set out on their adventures with Shadow.

Tysse (girl on the right)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: Early teens
Weapon of choice: Dagger hidden underneath her clothes (used to have a bow, but Fernn broke it)
Abilities: Weaver (but not very good at it)

Tysse, her name was short for something, but I forgot what it was. Either way, I think she could use a different name. Tysse is a later addition to the group. Also known as 'The Wild Child', she is even more troublesome than Fernn. The guys first met her when she shot Shadow in the wing with her arrow (the boys were riding him when it happened, so yeah... that made Fernn very angry). Ever since then, Tysse has been tailing them, first because she wanted to steal and then sell Shadow, and later out of curiosity and boredom.

Tysse is a bit of a cynical individual, even if she doesn't always mean to be that way. I still need to develop her character a great deal. And she could probably also use a different set of clothes. Ah well, at least her hair isn't green anymore. I'm glad I changed that, at least.

And there you have it. That is Amcornos, or basically just the first arc of it. Man, this thing needs so much work... XD But I hope this answered a lot of your questions.

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