2010 Contest entry: Normal category (1st place)
Received: October 1st, 2010
From: AlieMey

AlieMey writes: And yep the size aren't that well, Blue Uncia is indeed smaller but he is a little too small, I'm still not used with the proportion on A3 paper ... oh well let's just say he is young XD and with it goes arrogance so he went on a Polar's territory and got in some trouble, but he sure defends himself pretty well, but the question is who will survive?!

Oh and the blood wasn't planned but I though it would add I dunno color or something XD
About the background ... it's my first time drawing snow bare with me.

Judging: Alie is another entrant with a gutsy entry. Her big leap of faith comes in the form of doing a traditional piece with heavy weather effects. The combination is terrifying, as there is always the fear of completely ruining the piece. I know this, from err... first-hand experience.
In Alie's case the results are not 100%, and I'm glad she decided to include this overview of her progress as well. I don't have an awful lot of experience with water colors, but I'll share what my art teacher always told me... years ago: work from back to front, and from light to dark. Add the backgrounds in light shades first before coloring the main characters and adding darker shades. Light colors are easier to work over than dark ones. Also, in a blizzard snow tends to not be distributed so evenly over a surface (in this case the drawing). You might want to experiment with different intensities of snow next time.

I like the details on the characters, and I like their poses. I didn't really expect anyone to use the Polar Uncia, since he's not canon, but you drew him well, and I like that he's so much bigger than Blue. So for taking risks and for surprising me, you win first place in this category. :)

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