2010 Contest entry: Catwalk category
Received: September 29th, 2010
From: Lao-zi

Lao-zi enters with another Sandy re-design. Sandy seems popular this year!

Lao-zi writes: Sandy, in an outfit I could see her in~ The side-arrows are pockets (woah), and she's wearing capris because they are good for most kinds of weather. The belt can hold pokeballs, but you can't see them (which is nice since the regular belts are ugly). It's purple too because Sandy wears alot of purple. The hat is pretty iconic for Sandy, so I kept it, and the bumpy sneakers should be good for running around.

The shirt is a faded red (okay, pinkish) sorta-camo symbolizing her faded glory and want to hide from fame (can't think of the word...It's really late ;w; ) Also, vertical stripes are slimming (she's thin, but I drew her kinda curvy o3o)

Uh, the bag is for small deliveries and potions if she needs them. The pins were actually an excuse to draw some of her pokes, hehe :)

Judging: Sandy is wearing a very practical outfit, which suits her style just fine. I also like the personal touches on her bag, with those Pokémon pins. You made your entry look like a reference sheet. You're the only one who did that, and I think it's a very good idea! It gets the point across quite nicely.

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