2010 Contest entry: Normal category
Received: September 29th, 2010
From: Star-Sapphire-Light

Judging: Star entered with a picture of Ikale, the happy-go-lucky priestess from Ethara. It's another traditional piece. Star mentioned she wasn't too sure about the magical effects she drew in. I can't say I was too bothered by them myself, though for the next time it might be a good idea to add some highlights to the swirls. If you also darken the background a little, add some shading to the character, and put blue highlights on her near where the spell swirlies are, it would make them look as if they're glowing. Also, on a slighty different note, Ikale seems to be missing a leg. Don't take that the wrong way though, I mess stuff like that up too sometimes. I still like this entry very much. It has a very friendly feel to it, which suits the character perfectly.

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