2010 Contest entry: Catwalk category (2nd place)
Received: August 22nd, 2010
From: Marshmowllo

Tyto moved to another account on DeviantART, so this is her new screen name.

Tyto writes: My first thought was to draw Keena in an over-the-top lolita type dress. I decided against this a) to prevent Keena from finding a way out of Ethara into our world specifically to hunt me down, should she ever see it and b) because I've never drawn over-the-top lolita type dresses and figured a contest entry wasn't the right place to make my first attempt.

Then I started thinking about Arith, who I kinda fell in love with back when Neko commissioned me (on my old account), and Arith was one of the characters I drew.

Before those of you who know about her character start berating me for drawing her with noticeable boobs, let me explain: this is supposed to be her when she's older. I figure that, given a while, she'd probably become resigned to the idea of having them, and not strap them down flat anymore.

Judging: Somehow I think Tyto wasn't originally planning on entering this contest, but I'm glad she did! Entering with one of my favourite characters, she gave a very interesting twist to Arith's outfit and gave good explanations for what she did too. I like the colors. I like the proportions. I like the details. It all just works very well and it's elegant.

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