Received: July 10th, 2010
From: kilara

His wings were tired from the long flight and the storms which stood to try to prevent his journey.
It was as if the very essence of nature wished to get in his way.
The number one rule for the Adventurer was to always make sure to return home. No Thundercloud bigger than Zion, containing 3 Hurricanes could stop him. Even if they were Ćther storms.

At least they'd make for a good story to tell his mate.

He was happy that the day in which he returned was a sunny one because it completely removed the dreariness the flight had provided.

It took him a bit to find Amiera's hiding spot on the surface, but her blue gave her away quite quickly. He knew he stealth was much more suited for the evening hours.

She was sunning herself on some rocks, which he yearned to join beside her. His grin grew as she noticed him and gave her timeless look of pleasure.

As he landed something caught her eye off to the side, and he looked to see what she was looking at.
There flying in albeit shakily was a young colourful pup.

At first he didn't completely grasp the totality of what the pup meant, the look on Amiera's face betrayed her, a sly grin. "He's just learning, although someday he will be as good as his father, and just as much as a clown."

Jamin's mouth became agape as he put two and two together.
This was his son...
And oh the stories he could tell.


So this is another one of the prizes I got for winning the Avian contest held by Kilara last year. The story is also hers. Jamin, my character, is the big orange fellow, while the little shiny pup and the blue mom belong to two other folks over at dA. They are Jamin's son and mate respectively.

I can't tell you how psyched I am about this piece. Not only is it stunningly beautiful (I need to learn to color like that), but the scene Kilara chose to depict is just sweet and adorable beyond words!

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