2010 Mogranos Contest entry (2nd place)
Received: March 15th, 2010
From: ShrubNinja

Shrub writes:

I went for more of a bulky design, since he apparently hates how heavy and hot his armor is, and she didn't really like the spiky look. I figured multi-tiered plates would be a good idea, so here it is! Tell me what you guys think! :D
He's got a really cool evil backstory and he's a pretty cool character all around.

As for the armor and why I chose what I did:
The mult-tiered plates offer functionality and still look cool and imposing, spikes are pretty cool and all, but they make landing a blow a lot easier than a smooth plate.
The helm has a mask that can be pushed up, so that when he needed to be without a large piece of metal in front of his face, he can have the mask pushed up by the hinges, like old knight helms. That way he doesn't have to take it off if he needs more visibility/eat or whatever. XD
The sword fits a strong character, it's not too long, but it's still a very heavy blade, so it would be good for cleaving things, and since it's not a double bladed sword, one sword guard works just fine for it. And it has an elongated handle for when he needs to use both hands for that exceptionally strong swing. :D
Instead of a big unwieldy scabbard, I made a cinch out of leather, that he could put the sword through and then pull tight, so when he had his sword in hand, there's nothing impeding his movement. (It could be magical so the sword doesn't cut it, since he's a spellcaster, after all ;P)
And the small details like the small straps holding the armor in place, and the chainmail underlay so that any inevitable gaps in the armor are still protected.

It... I don't know what to say. I just think this is a cool design... :) Plain line-art can be admired here.

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