2010 Mogranos Contest entry (1st place)
Received: February 19th, 2010
From: SketchSketch9384

Be prepared... This is going to be a bit hefty on your bandwidth (and mine).

SketchSketch writes:

The Armor: Black tinged titanium held together with titanium and black leather joints and steel buckles. All other skin is covered with titanium chain mail. Designed to be a weapon itself. Magically strengthened to be bulletproof.

Other Stuff: Very silent, gives Mogranos extra strength and speed. Heightens his senses, and the entire inside is lined with black silk for cooling and comfort. the suit is surprisingly light, and moves easily without any friction from the joints.
When looking at Mogranos's original armor, i did realize that it was huge and bulky, but it still did have that evil air. i decided, for this armor design, to still incorporate some of the deign elements of the old armor, but to make this armor lighter and 'leaner', but still big. This too is a coincidence: he looks like the old mogranos+sauron+darth vader. not my idea! It was kind of funny, though. I also made a new sword, and into the armor incorporated the ideal defenses to counter the technology of the era that Mogranos was living in, like making the entire suit bulletproof and such.

Ok, these are just 'Boots of Butt-kicking'. it hurts a lot if you are stepped on, kicked, nudged, or squashed by them. The spikes are on the OUTSIDE of the foot (my mistake in the full-scale drawing)

The back of the leg is the weakest point in his entire suit of armor. But, his entire back, down to his spiked and dangerous ankles, is covered in a leather cape, magically strengthened to be basically everything-proof. it is the best part, too. What evil person doesn't want the ultimate cape?

What the paper says: About the Eyes: Ok, everything looks black except for his eyes. the entire white of the eye actually glows deep orangy-red, as does the pupil. Just the iris is different; only if you closely and intensely study it will you find that it is slightly lighter red than the rest of the eye. Only when the oh-so-bad evil lord has on his helmet of doom does the eyes glow red like that. If you were in the dark, it would make you scream like a ninny and pee your pants. The eyes' shape also looks like what his normal eyes do, so you can see his emotion.

Other stuff: this helmet lets him command the lightning in his sword, and he can also have a kind of 'echolocation' with it if someone turns the lights off on him. The holes in the mask are for the flames that come out of his face :D

The helmet is totally Tempered Titanium. There is a force field over his eye holes so bullets cannot penetrate him.

what it says on the paper: Gloves: Leather on bottom. Metal+chain mail on top. Jointed "falcon" gloves.

Other Stuff: each 'claw' is bladed on both sides, and sharp as a razor. under the chain mail is leather, and under that, the silk. The metal pieces are fitted together in such a way that the gloved almost feel like they're not there :D

Spikes on the knuckles for a painful punch. The blades on this glove are made of tempered titanium, a metal so hard, strong, and sharp that it could slice through steel like butter. The gloves can also conduct the lightning power from Mogranos's new sword, so he can throw lightning bolts from his hand.

I don't know why, but this is easily my most favourite part of the entire design! ^^

What the paper says: Arm Guards: Titanium Chain mail. Blades on inside make it impossible to grab. Leather Buckle. Leather under metal for comfort. Simple snap design for easy put in and take off. Tempered Titanium blade, tempered titanium forearm guard to block bullets, knives, etc.

Wow... That is one huge entry!

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