2008 Contest entry: Fakemon category (1st place)
Received: August 24th, 2008
From: Furrama

Furrama entered this picture of no less than three Pokémon and proposed an interesting idea for the generation of Pokémon games:

So we thought up a new Pokemon game idea (here's my pitch) Pokemon Universe. One game, no sisters. The story goes that you are on a ship with your father (a famous professor), your younger sister, and younger still brother. You are moving to a new continent than where you came from, and you get to choose through conversation with dad where you are moving to- Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh. You move there and are STUCK THERE until you have traded certain pokemon from others who picked other regions, and you won't be able to get them till after the Elite Four. Basically you play through a quazi remake of that region's game, but years later. You can see how it's changed since the former hero's time, and capture your favorite Pokemon. But if you have 3 other friends who picked different from you to trade with you'll be able to travel to the other 3 regions.

My favorite part about the story is the dynamics between you and your siblings. As soon as you get off the boat and into your house your father decides to let all the kids go out on their own adventures. As the oldest, he lets you choose first out of three Pokemon from the old continent (see above). They are a Fire type, (which will be Fire/Psychic later) a Water type (which will be Water/Dark later) and a Grass type, (which will be Grass/Fighting later). Your sister, a happy girl, will pick the weakness against yours, and your brother, some sort of emo kid, will pick the advantage type.

Your brother will slowly become darker as he journeys apart from you, and he will join and later take over that region's evil organization, (Team Rocket, Magma/Aqua, or whatever Sinnoh has). They're making their comebacks I guess. Basically, you have to stop him and bring him back to the light, with some help from your ditsy sister.

----- well ANYWAY, these are the starters for Pokemon Universe. Very few Pokemon in this version are new to the Pokemon scene, but the starters are the exception. I think there might be one legendary I might add, and maybe something else, but that's it. No more than 20, including evolutions. No need to make it too much harder I guess.

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