2008 Contest entry: Fakemon category
Received: August 14th, 2008
From: captn

Captn decided to also enter some fakemon. She said:

Anyways. I've had these two guys around for some time. One WAS going to appear in the first chapter of my comic but got booted, haha.

Anyways, additional info:

"Meolu and Snakiten, the elemental pokemon.
All known Snakiten type variants are under study in the Eeveetation Falls lab, located in northeast Swusoo. Ice and ghost types are suspected variants but ghost-type research has long been prohibited in the Swusoo region."

Their pelt colour generally ranges from brown to gold.
Their whole body is covered in scales, they're just easier to see on the underbelly due to the fact that, as a meolu, when they are not hovering around they around sliding their bellies on the ground. 'Slithering', basically. On top of their scales is a layer of fur. Water tends to slide off quite easily.

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