2008 Contest entry: Fakemon category
Received: May 18th, 2008
From: Mimey

Mimey's entry for the fakemon category is this fakemon, which he designed himself. General information:

Name: Galleiro
Type: Poison/Ground
Gender ratio: 65% Male - 35% Female
Classification: Toxic Fang Pokémon
Height: 179 cm. Weight: 60 kg.
Ability: Venom Strike; When the opponent is Poisoned, the power of the Poison is doubled.
Evolution Chain: None

Game Text
Diamond: GALLEIRO live in groups in valley's. They hunt for their prey by suprising them when they come out of the ground.
Pearl: The fangs of this POKÉMON are so sharp and strong, they can even bite through metal.

Diamond/Pearl Level Up
Level 4 - Leer
Level 5 - Tackle
Level 9 - Poison Sting
Level 14 - Magnetude
Level 14 - Screech
Level 19 - Take Down
Level 25 - Poison Tail
Level 31 - Dig
Level 39 - Poison Fang
Level 47 - Earthquake
Level 56 - Last Resort
Level 66 - Psychic

Breeding Moves
- Fissure
- Earth Power
- Growl
- Nasty Plot
- Flamethrower
- Ember
- Double Edge
- Agility

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