Received: January 7th, 2008
From: Niatasha Elyse

Niatasha Elyse made me yet another cute picture. This time she drew Nile and her own Charmander, Nina. They're so cute together. I could go on and on, but I think it would be better if I just quoted from Niatasha's own e-mail:

I was flipping through my PKMN books and found it odd that Charmander and Totodile are in the same egg groups. I also found it comical if Nile fell in love with one, namely Nina. Poor girl doesn't know what to do XD, and I think Nile is set on having her. Nina can't help but like his figure though, so she's half-way liking him and half scared that he's a water type *chuckles*.

What would make it even better, if Nile had an opponent to win her favor. *giggles insanely and flips through books again*

Indeed! Thank you Niatasha! ^__^

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