Received: December 17th, 2007
From: Matthew

All siblings sometimes have arguments with each other, and I guess it's no different in our family. Me and Matt had a fight about some silly misunderstanding, and he decided to draw me a little piece of fanart to help make up. Only, he put it on my desk while I was sleeping, with the picture facing downwards. On the back, he had scribbled a short apology. When I woke up, I only saw the text and I wrote a huge apology note underneath it. I didn't see the drawing on the other side of the paper, so I took it back to my bro's room and put it on his desk.
Later in the morning he came into my room, waving the paper at me and he asked me: 'Did you even flip it over?'
Me: 'Uhm... no.. Why?'
Matthew: 'Well...' *turns it around*

Ok, so I totally missed that drawing. And it's pretty good too! Looks like Wesley decided to imitate Matt the Red!

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