Received: August 13th, 2007
From: Soma

So... a while ago I did something that, on hindsight, I'm not too proud of.
I spent some time whining about how at first when I launched my site, I got absolutely zero response. No e-mail and more importantly, NO fanart. Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE fanart?

Honestly though, that was actually a bit silly of me. A new website, of course it's not going to attract instant e-fame (for what that's even worth, anyway). But yeah, everyone starts out as bit of a nubcake and I'm no exception.

Eventually my sister must have gotten fed up with it, because one day I found this in my in-box. She made it completely in Paint, which can't be easy. Isn't it sweet?
My sister has two dogs, Sophie and Emma, so her nickname 'Soma' is derived from that.

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