Title: This is quite a big deal for me... XD
Date: July 25th 2009
Today's comic page: 170

Hey everybody! Here I am again. Vacation is a blast, I don't know why I didn't do this sooner! (Oh right, no time.) It's a bit too bad that the sun is being unreliable at best. I really wanted to get a tan this summer, but unfortunately we've been having a lot of thunder storms instead. Ah well, what are you going to do, right? So I've been re-acqainting myself with my Playstation 2. I have a TON of unplayed games lying around. I'm pretty sure I won't have enough time to play all of them during these few weeks, but I plan to give it my best shot.

I haven't forgotten about you guys, though. I've got a new SoL page for you, two new additions to the fan art gallery and one big piece by myself. And here's the important bit: that last piece is spoiler art for my future comic, Amcornos. And that's not all. I have also decided to open the Amcornos gallery.

Up until July 2009 this gallery was closed. The reason for this was that I didn't want to create any spoilers about the comic's plot. Back when I first started Stuff of Legend in 2006, I posted a lot of art in the SoL gallery, which of course was a bit of a spoiler. I wanted to prevent that for Amcornos, which is why that gallery remained closed for a long time. So why did I decide to open the gallery now, even though the comic will not be started for a long while yet? Well, first of all, people were starting to ask questions. 'What is Amcornos?' I couldn't really answer that for them, and that bugged me.
Secondly, I came to realize that ever since I started SoL, I haven't really done anything for Amcornos, other than the stuff I made up in my mind. I hadn't been working on the plot (it needs some major re-thinking, let me tell you), and I hadn't done any major concept art. The arguments had always been: A) I want to get better at art before starting this comic, and B) I am too busy with SoL or with whatever else I happen to be doing right now. I see now that unless I make myself get serious and start doing the preparations, this comic will never see the light of day.

And this is why this gallery is now officially opened. It's my way of forcing myself to start doing something for Amcornos. Basically my plan of attack is now as follows:
1. Clear out to-do list, while trying not to add too much to it.
2. Start rewriting Amcornos plot (while I'm at it, I may also write down SoL's plot, because I honestly can't keep winging it like this).
3. Start making Amcornos concept art (backgrounds, architecture and of course characters).

That's it. Sounds a lot easier than it is, though. But I have to start doing something or I'll never have my own orginal comic, like I wanted to. Heh, okay rambling rant is over now. Go and have fun! :)

- Neko

Title: Bleh...
Date: July 18th 2009
Today's comic page: 169

*Urk* I've got the sniffles this week. Who catches a cold in the middle of July anyway? In fact, what is up with the weather? It's cold, and rainy and miserable! Of course this just had to happen right around the time when I was going to have my three week vacation. Heheh. Well, let's just hope the sun will break through eventually.

Anyway, like I mentioned, I have a three week vacation coming up. I'm going to take things easy, and not just on the phd front either. I'm also moving back to one-page-a-week SoL updates, because I need some time to refuel and all that. I'm sure you guys will understand. Expect more substantial updates to return at the beginning of August or something. Until then, maybe I'll finally have some time to tackle that huge to-do-list of mine. Lol.

Today's SoL page is accompanied by another tutorial, some art in the galleries and some new additions to the fan art gallery. See you guys next week!

- Neko

Title: Coming up with original titles every week is hard, kay? XD
Date: July 11th 2009
Today's comic pages: 167-168

Compared to last week, this week was much colder. And we had tons of rain too. Is this kind of weather even normal for this time of the year? Ah well, at least it's much easier on my old computer. *pats computer*

Anyway, today I have two more SoL pages for you guys, as well as two sketches by yours truly and a nice fan sketch by Niatasha. I also have a new Photoshop tutorial: Grass tutorial, part 1. I'm pretty proud of this thing, so be sure to check it out! Have a nice weekend.

- Neko

Title: Hot...
Date: July 4th 2009
Today's comic pages: 165-166

This week it was so hot here in Holland. It's just not funny, especially since my old pc doesn't like the heat. It had several heat strokes this week, particularly while I was actually trying to work. Bleh, I'm getting a new pc next year, when the parts become cheaper.

Anyway, today I have two new comic pages, a whole bunch of doodles and two new additions to the fan art gallery. Enjoy and have a nice weekend! :)

- Neko

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