Title: Master thesis done - Contest extended!
Author: Neko
Date: August 30th 2008

My master thesis! It's finally done! *gasp* It took all summer to complete, then I had some problems printing it, but now it's finally DONE!

Next week I start working on my dissertation... *sigh*
Anyway, I've decided to slightly extend the contest's deadline. You now have until September 12th to hand in your entries. That's two weeks from now. I won't push the deadline back any further, so you've been warned. ;) For more information about how I'll be judging the entries, please check my journal on DA. And finally I also have a new picture in my galleries (just one this time). This will be my last major contest entry for a while. I do intend to enter one more contest, but it doesn't require its entrants to make fully finished pictures:

Ok, that's about it. I'm off to enjoy what will probably be the last truely warm and sunny day of this year. If it sounds as if I'm pitying myself, that's because I am. ;)
Oh! And happy birthday Matthew! Can't believe I almost forgot to mention that! XD

Title: I'm back!
Author: Neko
Date: August 23rd 2008

Hi guys, I'm back! Last week I was in Zeeland with my family. Zeeland is a southwestern province of the Netherlands, and it's... very much below sea level... Heh.
Anyway, it was very rainy but luckily we were staying in a bungalow, rather than a tent. We frequently hopped over the border to Belgium to see some of their old cities. We went to Antwerp, Brussels and Bruges. There were also medieval churches, some of which contained the stained glass windows which I've been studying for so long. It was nice to finally see those things for real and in color.
I didn't go out every single day, though, because I also had to stay at the bungalow and work on my master thesis. It's still not done, you see. I'm really, REALLY sick of that thing. At any rate, that was my vacation. Most of it was pretty fun. And I've also spent some time drawing, because people like me just can't help but make some doodles every now and then. ;)

And that's it. In case you didn't get it last week, there isn't a SoL this Saturday, because you already got it last week. ;)
Maybe next week I'll have some photo's of my vacation. Maybe... If I can find them... Yeah...

Oh, and don't forget that you only have one more week to enter the contest, should you still want to. If you guys want more time, please let me know. I am willing to push the dealine back, but only if you guys really want me to.

Title: Going on a 1 week vacation
Author: Neko
Date: August 15th 2008

Hey guys. Early update! Tomorrow I'm going on a one week vacation with my family. I won't be back until the 23rd, so I'm gonna give you next week's page as well. I won't be able to answer any messages until next week, but don't worry about sending your contest entries in. I will see them when I get back. I also have some new stuff in the galleries:

Yes, I finally completed the Miltank tutorial. It's not exactly my favourite Pokémon ever, so I'm glad it's done. Enjoy and see you next week. :)

Title: I don't really have a lot to update with this time
Author: Neko
Date: August 9th 2008

Well, this week I had to really get serious about working on my master thesis (and I never was lax about it in the first place!). I only have about a week to finish it now and this week I had to totally reorganize one of the chapters. *gulp*
Thankfully that's done now, but I'm still waiting for my professor's feed-back. I hope I don't need to change my master thesis too much anymore. Between working on my master thesis and building my professor a new website, I barely had any time to do anything else this week. So I have no new gallery entries. I seriously need a vacation. At least I managed to maintain my SoL buffer. Heh.
I do have a new SoL page for you guys, and I also received some fan art. I won it, because I came in second in the DPA contest. ^__^

I would have done the Miltank tutorial this week (seriously!), but like I said, I didn't have enough time. So I've started working on another contest entry instead. I really need to stop adding more junk to my workload. XD
Oh, and before I forget. I also managed to finish a short tutorial on how to create metallic effects in Photoshop. Enjoy!

Title: Another update
Author: Neko
Date: August 2nd 2008

August. Still no vacation. Still very hot. Here's today comic and some gallery updates:

Sorry if I sound like I'm running out of steam. That's probably because I am. Anyway, just one more Pokémon tutorial to go. Miltank. *Gulp*
Anyway, don't forget that you now have a little under a month to enter the contest. Seriously, don't forget! I want more Uncia entries! :)

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