Title: It's a Saturday
Author: Neko
Date: March 29th 2008

And Saturdays mean new comics. So here it is! And it's page 80! I can't believe I've made 80 pages. Also, last Monday was March 24th. One year ago on March 24th, I uploaded Blue Uncia to my server for the very first time... Manually... One file at the time... For about six hours...
That's before I discovered the marvel that is called ftp-client. But, I realize now that perhaps Blue Uncia has too many birthdays... Right now there's the day I first started building the site, the day I first started drawing SoL and the day I first went online. That's three birthdays! I wish I had three birthdays... And birthday gifts to go with those... *hint hint* *wink wink*

Title: White Easter?
Author: Neko
Date: March 22nd 2008

It's madness. We have snow. It's Easter and we have snow! Last week I saw baby ducks and now it's snowing? Well ok, this is Holland, so when I say snow, I mean a thin layer of some wet, brittle white stuff, which disappears as soon as the sun comes up. It's not like there is enough to build a snowman or stage a snowball fight. Well, perhaps I could do a snowball fight with someone, but then we'd probably each have to spend about an hour to gather enough snow for about one ball, clearing the entire street of said snow in the process. And even after that, I'd probably have to hide a rock in the centre of my snowball, just to give it a little bit more bulk...

Anyway... There's a new comic up and I also have two new additions to the galleries and a new fanart picture by Tyto. Enjoy:

I've also added some new banners, which you can use to link to me. So if you have a banner which you don't like, now's your chance to see if you can pick a nicer one. And finally, I've also had to remove some links to dead and/or dying websites. I never like doing that, but I also don't like dead links. Unfortunately, one of the removed sites belonged to an affiliate, Mimey, but he has already explained why he couldn't keep his site running anymore. :) The good news is that I've also added some new links.
The popularity poll is still open. Yuk is in the lead and Nami and Solaris are tied in second place! This poll looks like it will be exciting until its close date, May 3rd! Please vote if you haven't done so already. I might draw a result picture with all the Pokémon on it, after the poll is over. :)

Title: Update with some fanart
Author: Neko
Date: March 15th 2008

Hello again! There's a new SoL page up and I've also made some new things for the galleries. I did an art trade with Destinie from DPA. We drew each other's Pokémon teams. Here is the picture she made for me, along with the one I made for her:

I've also made some fanart scribbles for other webcomics. I realized that some people don't seem to mind not receiving fully finished pictures, and are quite content with sketches instead. Since I felt that some of you were overdue for some fanart, I decided to go ahead and make some doodles:

I'm not sure what on Earth possessed me to do it, though. It was fun to work on these, but my workload was already quite hefty to begin with. Oh well, I guess I just like to make people happy. I'm still not taking any requests; just so you know.
Anyway, don't forget to vote for your favourite SoL Pokémon. Nami is still in the lead.

Title: Bye bye, Sub
Author: Neko
Date: March 8th 2008

After that brief introduction, we move back to Matt and Sandy; this time in a badly drawn Pokémon Center! I don't have an awful lot to say today either. I've uploaded a quick scribble to the Pokémon gallery, and that's about it.

Don't forget to vote for your favourite SoL Pokémon. Don't let Nami get all the glory. I know she's cute and all that, but there are other cool pokes too. Not that I mind; I love Nami too. I love them all. Even that purple blob, who's in second place right now... ^__^

Title: Again, nothing much to say... Except...
Author: Neko
Date: March 1st 2008

Sub is in the house! And so is his Zubat! It's been well over a year, but I've finally managed to put the third main character into the comic. Sub, if you're reading this... I'm really, REALLY sorry for making you wait for so long... :P
I haven't added anything new to the galleries today, but I did update the links page with some new links (and I removed the dead link to Pokémon Bon Bon League). And finally, I've closed the current poll and put up a new one. If you would like to see the results from the previous poll, head over to the Polls page. Only 40 people took the poll this time, so either not everybody voted or SoL isn't as popular as I thought it was...
Still... then who is using up so much of my bandwidth? Hmmm... Speaking of bandwidth, it's almost been a year since I first put Blue Uncia on the internet. It has gotten five times bigger since then! Also, I think I might be billed by my webhost soon. Heheheheh...

What is your favourite SoL Pokémon so far?


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