Title: More link-mayhem!
Author: Neko
Date: 26 May 2007

The new comic is up and I've also put up a few new links for you people to erm... gaze at. Happy Pentecost and I'd also like to say 'Good Luck!' to all you people who still need to do exams in the following weeks.

Title: Phew... What a week...
Author: Neko
Date: 19 May 2007

Well, this has been a rather odd week. Last Sunday our oh-so-cute kitty Tess managed to grab one of our budgies through the bars of the cage and started to pluck the poor bird. So basically she had already systematically removed all the flightfeathers from the shrieking bird's leftwing by the time I entered the room. I raced over on my utterly tractionless kittyslippers, slipped and fell on my face because the floor was wet for some reason, got back up and grabbed the cat by the neck to get her to let go...
Well, that was the last straw, so we decided it was time to bring her to the shelter where hopefully someone else can give her a good home. Someone who doesn't have budgies, dogs, other cats or neighbours who don't like being woken up by a strange cat entering through their bedroomwindows in the middle of the night. Yeah, that's the kind of kitty she is. She was a stray when we took her in ourselves... Despite all the mischief I do hope she'll be alright.
Other than that, last week I found out that I've joined the ever growing number of people who have lost their Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal savefiles due to data corruption. Basically these old games had batteries wired to their hard drives, because they used a clocksystem to simulate day and night in the game. However the battery usually gives out after about four to six years, wiping the memory as it goes. I used to play my Silver version quite extensively until the next generation came, which wasn't backwards compatible and therefore didn't allow players to transfer their critters from the older games. So when people started over on their new games, the old games with all those hardtrained Pokémon sat there gathering dust untill the batteries died and the games got deleted. On hindsight I feel a bit silly about all the hours I put into playing that Silver game. I had over 200 level 100's on there... And over 30 shinies. Well, I guess this just proves that nothing lasts forever. Nintendo probably wasn't going to EVER let us transfer those pokes to later generation games and I wasn't playing anymore anyway.
I am a Butterfree! So I guess all this falls under the 'oh-well-at-least-I-had-some-good-times' category. Moving on to things I did to the website. This week I didn't just upload a new comic; I also uploaded a few new pictures to the galleries. I entered the PokémonX May contest. The assignment was to draw May, one of the Ruby/Sapphire gamecharacters. You can find the picture I used to enter the contest in the Pokémon fangallery (scroll down). After making that picture I decided to dig around in my files and I came up with some oldies which I've put in my Uncia gallery.
I'd also like to share the following with you. As you've probably already noticed by now, appearantly I'm a Butterfree. I took this funny Pokémon personality test and this was the result. It's going in my Bio page. Click the image to take the test and find out what kind of Pokémon you really are!

Title: I really love this SoL-update!
Author: Neko
Date: 12 May 2007

I know I usually don't really talk about my SoL-updates on the main page, but this time I can't really help it! I just really like how page 31 turned out. So why are you still here? Go and read it!
Also check out the SoL extras when you're done reading. I've added 28 avatars, should anyone like to use them on forums and such. I just felt like making them one day. I'll probably add more as the cast gets bigger.

Title: A bit pooped
Author: Neko
Date: 5 May 2007

School and internships always seem to become increasingly exhausting as summer comes closer. I'm sure you know what I mean. I'm really glad I have a decent buffer for SoL, although I still haven't had to use it. It's very reassuring to know that at least I can still do my Saturday updates. I love doing those. Sadly, I haven't been able to do anything to the website, but I'm sure most of you just want to read the comic anyway. ;)
When you're done, check out the Links page, because I've added two more links to sprited webcomics about Pokémon. I hope you'll like them.

I also wanted you to know that Blue Uncia is being visited a lot more than I thought it would be. I'm having trouble accessing my web statistics from my webprovider's server, but at least I know I used up 720 MB worth of bandwidth in April alone. That's not too shabby for a 25 MB website. I know that wasn't all just me, so thank you all for dropping by!

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