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For those of you who were waiting for tiny super birds in SoL - Sorry! There won't be any Pidgeys using Fly in this comic. At least, not while carrying their trainers.

On to the Shinx's name. Thanks once again for suggesting names, everyone. I have decided to use the name Khufu (not to be confused with Kovu - the son(?) of Scar from Disney's The Lion King movies). Khufu was a powerful Pharaoh and he was one of the first pyramid builders. Some of you said the name seemed more suitable for rock or ground types, but I think it suits Shinx too, because it can evolve into a regal looking lion (besides, Khufu didn't build the pyramids with his own two hands; he had his servants for that). Of course, that's just this Shinx's potential. He's more likely to rule only this household. From a couch.

So there's my reasoning. :)

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