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Judging by last week's comments, I'd say we... don't really remember Nick at all... Okay, so what about this guy then? Surely we remember Wes? Yes? Okay, now think. Who was he with again?

That's right!

Well, after this chapter you're bound to remember them, cause chapter 6 will focus on these guys for a while. This chapter will also start out with a few colored pages. That's because they feature the last cameo won by an entrant from the 2008 contest. TrainerBAM finally gets her prize, almost two years later! Perhaps now you understand why I no longer give SoL cameo prizes, eh? ;)
Anyway, the comic was in color when she entered the contest, so I figured it would only be fair if I colored her pages too. There will be five of them.

The shading on this page fails somewhat, because I apparently got lazy... Sorry about that. I didn't see it until just now.

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