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Match time!

I think this page calls for an explanation. In earlier pages we saw that Sandy is rather anxious about people calling out her name, her last name in particular, out loud in public, for fear of being recognized. While this fear isn't unfounded, Sandy IS a tad paranoid. Yes, she is a target, and yes her name may draw attention to her. But that doesn't mean the entire world is after her. She is quite able to go out in public (even without the hat), without constantly being harassed. Not everybody will recognize her, especially since it's been five years since she became the national champ, and after that she almost immediately disappeared from the spotlight. And of the people who DO recognize her, most have no interest whatsoever in fighting her.

Of course, those few people who do want to harass her are the ones who constantly keep her on edge, hence the slight paranoia.

And Sub is worried about how she'll do, because he doesn't know she used to be a Kanto champ. This is actually a spoiler, but I thought it might cause confusion if I didn't mention it now.

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