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We keep on trying
Then we try some some more
We stay together and find a place worth fighting for

I'm on the road ( to Viridian City)
Meet my friends along the way
I'm on the road to Viridian City

VIRIDIAN CITY, WOOOH! Gah, I loved that song as a kid! ^^

Anyway, I'm very happy with this page, even though, since it contains mostly Pokémon, it wasn't particularly difficult to draw in the first place. Why am I happy with it? I've been expermenting on it, and I LIKE the results.

1. I've been messing with the backgrounds of panels 1-4. Like my grass? I like my grass.

2. I made a semi-successful city-scape in panel 5. Here's the tutorial I used for it. (Only did the first part, though.)

3. I've finally tried out a shading technique suggested by trainerBAM. I've been messing around with it during other projects of mine, but not while working on SoL. It still needs some work, but I think it's showing promise. :)

*hums Viridian City tune*

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