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I spent a while debating whether or not I would let Matt use the word 'crap' in the last panel. You may already have noticed that SoL doesn't have very strong language. It's not because I have a particular problem with swear words (barring the really offensive ones, of course), but rather because I don't really use them myself. I find it difficult to let characters speak unlike myself. It's why they sometimes sound a little formal, I suppose.

I had originally planned for Matt to say something like 'Stop this nonsense already', but I didn't think it was powerful enough. It also didn't seem to fit his personality, especially not considering that he's actually a bit pissed off here.

So he's putting it a little differently now. I hope nobody minds, not that 'crap' is a particularly bad word or anything.

Also, Kevin seems to have a bit of a twisted idea of what it means to be friends. Don't worry, you'll get it later down the road. ;)

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