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Well, both Matt and Sandy have some intense stuff going on in their minds, eh? This is the last page of this chapter. I had originally planned to just keep this chapter going, but since these last few pages have really been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster ride, I figured it might be a good idea to just insert a new chapter front page, and create a rest point right here.

This won't change the storyline one bit. All that has changed is that I chopped this chapter in half, and called the second half 'chapter 5'. If you hadn't figured it out yet, I'll just tell you right now: I pretty much make up SoL's precise plot as I go. I only have it planned out in rather vague lines... In my head.

Am I good at planning, or what? :P
Oh right, and I'll be introducing a new character in the next chapter as well.

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