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This week there is a triple SoL update. Start reading the new pages here, and don't forget to read the comments below each page and leave some feedback. Thank you!

Last one: just plain line art. Sketchy line art, I might add. Very simple page. I think this page would have taken me about 6 hours in the old style. Now it took me only two hours, part of which went into designing Matt's auntie. I kind of made her up on the spot. Easily the fastest and easiest style to use, but also the most ungratifying one. There's no way to tell that it's night. And personally I like to use color whenever I introduce a new character.

So, here are the test pages. All three were roughly produced in the same time it would take to produce one normal, complicated page (and by compliecated I mean a page which would take me 10-12 hours to make). Each style has its advantages and disadvantages. So, what do you guys think? Which style is better? I have some preferences myself (and I think I already know what most of you will say), but I still value your input. :)

I could also start mixing styles, making colored pages and grey-scale ones or something. Mix them up. The front-pages of each chapter will still be in the old style, by the way.

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