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Well, I worked pretty hard this week, because I wanted to show you my example pages. I'm trying out a simpler style, to try and cut production time. Keep in mind that for this test to be truly objective, I should have drawn just one page over and over again, using all three styles. That's the only way to be absolutely sure which style is the fastest, but I honestly didn't feel like doing that. And I wanted to speed the story up, so here are three different pages, each in a different style:

This first page is a colored sketch, basically. What's different is the fact that I made more sketchy line art and flat colored the whole thing more loosely. Backgrounds are still the same.
Keep in mind that this was a relatively simple page anyway. Just four panels, most with only a few characters. Fairly simple backgrounds too. I think a page like this would have taken me about 5-7 hours to complete in the old style. Now it took me 3 hours and 10 minutes.

If I were to permanently switch to this style, I think I might be able to update twice a week. Three times if you're lucky. But I can't guarantee that I won't have bad weeks either, and make just one single page. XD

What I like about this style is the fact that it is still very much like the old style. So the switch shouldn't be too traumatic on the readers.

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