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Hmmm, did I forget to mention that this week's page would be extra long? Well, it is! Hope you like it, because it took long enough to make. It's essentially a double update, eh?
It looks like Solly managed to dodge crate-carrying-duty after all, and now poor Quartz is stuck with his chore. In case you are wondering where Solly went, Sandy just recalled him in his Pokéball.
Also, guess which game I'm currently playing? Or rather, playing every now and then, because my massive workload won't allow me more spare time... Ahem. I hope this will convince you guys that I am not just a total Nintendo-fangirl. I also own a PlayStation 2. A pink one. I picked that color in hope it would discourage my brothers from also wanting to play on my machine...

No... It didn't work. They still want to play, despite of the color.

Ahem, anyway. This is the first time I've used the Line Tool to create the background. Although at first I thought it looked a little stiff, I do kind of like the way it looks now. Ok, I'll admit that my use of linear perspective isn't perfect in this page, but at least I tried, right? I've also added some random background characters, because I suddenly realized how empty the world of SoL looks. Most of the time, the main characters seem to be wandering through ghost towns. And because one of my brothers was complaining to me about how I often only draw skinny, athletic looking people, I've also drawn a more plump looking male in panel 2.
And finally, this is the last page for this chapter (obviously). Next week will bring chapter 4's title page and lots of Sub-action! I'm so excited about this one! Don't forget to check out Vulpix' cast info!

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