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I feel a little sorry for Solaris on this page. For such a big strong guy, he sure gets pushed around a lot (yes, in the last three panels Matt and Sandy are trying to get Solly to carry the crate). And that shopkeeper sure is happy to get his delivery, isn't he? I just feel a little bad about how much he looks like doctor Carson from the beginning of this chapter, though. I guess I should practice drawing different kinds of faces...
And is it me, or does this page feel a little cramped? There just seem to be an awful lot of panels on this single page. Took long enough to complete too. And I really SHOULD start applying linear perspective, shouldn't I? I mean, I know HOW to apply it. I'm just too lazy to actually do it, so instead I try drawing everything freehand, which... sort of results in pages like these.

Speaking of hands, the hands on this page look pretty good, even if I do say so myself. I like panel 2, with Sandy thumbing through the money. Of course, Pokémon money isn't worth squat, with a bottle of Soda Pop costing something like 250 Pokédollars, but still. :)

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