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Webcomic title explained. So there! :) I both hated and liked doing this page. Hated it because we're back in an urban environment, because of how bad it looks and because of how long it took to complete this stupid page (six days). I liked it, because... well... That last panel, just look at it!

I did some more experimenting on this page. I tried to draw the urban background in a painterly style, just like I had done with the previous pages. I don't really like the results though, so I guess I need more parctice.

Anyway... I hear you can tell a lot about a person, by looking at what they eat. And how they eat it. ^__^

Edit: June 26th, 2008: I broke Matt's arms in the last panel (he won't be throwing Pokéballs for a while, but the doctor says he'll live). His pose is anatomically incorrect. I should have used either of the two poses depicted below. Thank you Kohdok, for pointing that out. :) When I drew this page, I knew something didn't feel right about this pose, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

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