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Gosh, I made this page a few weeks ago, so I've already improved a bit, but what you see here is the beginning of a new style of backgrounds, which I've already also used on a few pictures in my galleries. Well, on one picture, to be more precise.
So yeah, I'm experimenting again. I always said SoL was an experimental comic, so well... Why not? For this page I used a bigger Photoshop file than normal. It was twice as big and after I was done I simply shrank it back down to normal size. I thought this might allow me to work faster and more detailed. Well, the lines are certainly finer and yes, the details looked better. However, after shrinking the page, those details don't stand out very well, so it doesn't really make any difference. And if anything, it took me longer to make this page. And it eats memory like there's no tomorrow. AND I hope the text is still readable... So yeah, plenty of downsides to big Photoshop files.

I also tried to paint the background for this page, rather than drawing it. I can't stand how bad my backgrounds look. I always wanted them to look more painterly, but I kinda... suck at painting. But I decided to give it a try anyway. It looks alright now, but that's just because I shrank the page considerably. I'm not sure I could have pulled it off if the Photoshop file had been normal-sized. I guess I've learned that painting is a messy affair, even when it's digital. Like I already said, this is already a slightly older page for me (not for you guys) and I've gotten better now.

Oh well, I also redesigned Solly's tail. And I think THAT turned out alright.
And now you know what Sandy does for a living.

EDIT: June 3rd, 2008: Fixed a typo in panel 3: 'Freelance' in stead of 'Free lance'. Thanks Kohdok, for poining that out for me. Also, there seems to be some confusion about who is saying what and when in that same panel. I was sort of already afraid of that, so here is the script for that panel:

Sandy: Heh, I was wondering when you would ask about that.
Well, that's my income!

Matt: What?

Sandy: I run a small courier service. Freelance, actually... And I DO mean small. It's just me and my Pokémon. We deliver packages.
And we do it faster, more reliable and cheaper than the conventional postal service!

Matt: Wow, how come I never heard of that?

Sandy: Not many people have. I only have a small number of regular clients who ask me to deliver stuff for them.

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