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What I never understood about the game, was HM Cut, used to cut down bushes. These bushes generally blocked a hole in small, white, waist-high fences, found everywhere in the region.


What 10-year old lets a small fence stop them from getting where they want to go?

Anyway, I know a lot of you wanted to see Matt train Nile in the Diglett Cave, but after only two pages I just couldn't stand the place anymore, just like Matt. Lol. I had fun watching you speculate about what would happen in there, though. *Evil grin*

EDIT: June 3rd, 2008: Fixed a typo in panel 5: 'bush' in stead of 'brush'. Technically, I think both might be correct, but seeing how I kept saying 'bush' everywhere else, I figured I should change it for consistancy's sake. Matthew was the only one to notice the typo this time.

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