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Well, Tyto wasn't too far off when she said she thought Matt would ask Sandy to teach him how to be a better trainer. Matt basically wants Sandy to do something known in most RPG's as 'boosting'. It's when a higher level character or player takes a low level player to an area which would normally have been to diffucult to navigate for the latter. The higher level player then 'boosts' the lower level player through the area so that person can gain loot, rare gear or lots of experience.
It's the lazy man's alternative to training all by yourself. And Sandy seems to be having none of it, or perhaps she was just put off by the fact that Matt still plans to fight her?

He almost seemed smart there... for a while.

Also, behold my Super Duper Blaziken of Awesomeness! Who says I'm stuck on just one style of art?! Solly looks a little... oriental like this. Also, whoever said that Infernape is better than Blaziken needs to have their eyes checked. *Sideways glance at a certain Abra trainer*

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