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Heheh... Marv...
I decided to change Sandy's outfit for no real reason. Well, the pants and shoes are still the same. Sandy just changed her shirt and undid her hair, which for some reason took her 15 minutes to do. And look, there's her farmer-sumbrero hat, as Eloweasel called it. And Sandy is off, leaving Matt to wonder what to do next...

I hid three references to other Pokémon webcomics in this page. I'll bet a lot of you will be able to spot them in no time. I'll explain where these references are and what they refer to, next Sunday. See if you can guess it before then. ;)
Happy hunting!

EDIT: April 6th, 2008: Ok, Mimey was the first to guess all three references to other Pokémon webcomics. They can all be found on the message board in panel 6. Here they are:
1. Lucy, from Team Overcharm is the Skitty who is shown on the lost poster.
2. Ace, from Ace of Abra is depicted on a wanted poster.
3. Finally, there is a poster inviting people to join the League Agents, which is an organisation from the (now unfortunately dead) comic Pokémon Battle Dimension.

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