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Ouch, what a scary guy! Doc. Carson kinda reminds me of a certain teacher I had in highschool. He was this very, very scary... educated... type of guy...

He's misunderstood really... The doctor, I mean (I'll bet the teacher was too). He spent ten years of his life working his way through Pokémon Med, only to be stuck in some Pokémon Center, healing the Pokémon who get hurt over and over again, because their idiot trainers keep making them faint in battles their Pokémon can't handle. And you do know what Pokémon Centers offer their services to trainers for free, right?
That means the Doc must be government payed and... Well... We all know what THAT means... That'll make a guy grumpy, I guess. I think nurse Lilly - that's what I'm calling her, nurse Lilly - is his only joy in life.
Lot's of background info on a character we'll never see again.

Oh right, and in SoL Pokémon don't get healed by putting them in their balls and putting those in a machine... Do-do-dodaa-do!! A doctor really needs to take a look at 'em. Also, I don't do nurse Joy either... But you already knew that.
So what's your take on nurse Joy and officer Jenny anyway? Androids or clones?

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