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For those of you who were worried about Yuk; don't worry, Sandy took care of him. I'm almost possitive she managed to collect all of him. And didn't I tell you that Sandy likes to make Solaris carry her stuff? Looks like he kinda liked that broom... before he found a little surprise, still stuck to it.

Anyway, this was a pretty hard page to draw and when I was finally done, I realized I had messed up Sandy's proportions in panel 1. She has the neck of a giraffe! I also see now that it isn't terribly clear that Solly is putting the bucket on the ground in panel 2. Oh well, it's not a crucial bit of information anyway.
Be prepared for the comic to slow down a notch again. It's not like you guys aren't used to that, I know. It's just that these pages, with their backgrounds take quite long to make... And they also contain some crucial bits of character building info.
I must be doing something wrong. I mean, there are a lot of comic artists out there who draw better, more detailed and faster than I do. And I'm staggering just to keep my buffer intact. At least the new shading technique makes my life a little easier, but it sure would be nice if I could figure out how other comic artists manage to keep up their (in my eyes) breakneck update speed. Maybe they just have more time to devote to their comics? After all, I am also a fulltime student. Any thoughts on the subject would be more than welcome. :)

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