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Sub's debute! FINALLY!! And look, he brought his Zubat too (I love his expression in panel 3). I've added Zubat's cast info to the cast page, so be sure to check it out. Sub likes to keep Zubat out of his Pokéball.
Also, this was my first serious attempt at drawing a city. Ever. It ended up looking a little bit like a marine version of Utrecht, the city where I go to college.
Now, before you start, I'd like to say that I don't really enjoy drawing buildings, and this will probably show in the next few pages. I think buildings are usually quite ugly and they're quite hard to draw too. I mean, I know that technically I should be fine, as long as I apply the rules of linear perspective. It's just that... I'm too stubborn to apply them correctly, because I prefer to just draw freehand. This results in wonky sidewalks, slanting buildings and illogical lay-outs. I also realize that this page isn't always very consistant in all its details... But, well... Whatever. This page took me nearly a full week to draw, so when I say it's fine, it's fine!

Also, we get to see what Darmani's hit. Let's just call that a bonus; he's hit the harbor district! Looks like Sub may have to revise his traveling plans, because I think he wanted to take a boat trip. I would also like to add that this is the first time I drew a fire. I feel a little silly, because first I spent ages drawing the harbor and the sea with the pretty boats. Then I suddenly realized that a fire should generate smoke. Lots of smoke. So when I added the smoke, I saw that it covered up my pretty sea and boats. So, here's a detail shot of that panel without the smoke.

I want that white boat... I really do... ^__^ As I was drawing this page, I suddenly realized something... Where the heck are the firefighters?!

EDIT: March 8th, 2008: DaDonYordel already mentioned that in Ace of Abra and Whisper thy Name, the protagonists also blew stuff up. Ace is more or less responsible for sinking an ocean liner and Chris made a mess of the docks. I blew a hole through the storage section, because I feel it has become a tradition for Pokémon webcomic artists to destroy stuff in Vermilion City. Or at least, it should be. So, even though I forgot to mention this last week, this page is actually also a tribute to those other two comics. ^__^

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