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Heh, looks like Matt is more mature than we thought. Well, at least we've gotta give Wesley points for having spunk, despite facing a guy who's both bigger and stronger than himself... I'm not really happy with panel 6, but I think panel 7 makes up for it. Solly is finally showing some of his true nature. He's probably wondering how he could have overlooked the purple gunk on Quartz...
Speaking of which, I noticed something about Steelix and Onix. Both these Pokémon seem to be able to lift most of their bodies off of the ground. If you look at real snakes; no snake can lift more than 1/3rd of it's total bodylength off the ground. However, Onix, Steelix and Arbok can all lift about 2/3rds of their bodies off the ground. They're Pokémon and not real snakes, so I guess it's alright. I've decided to allow Quartz to be able to lift 2/3rds of his body too, even though it's unnatural (he must be really strong).

I went back to the original shading technique again. You'll find that I like to switch back and forth, but I think I will use the new technique in future.

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