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Heheheh... I've been waiting for aaages to be able to reveal this... TADAAA!!! Matt is way bigger than Wes or his gang, even though Matt and Wes are both the same age! Hey, Wes... Not so tough without your Pokémon, now are ya?

There are a few things I like and don't like about this page. I'll start with the things I don't like. This page is very wordy. I wanted to express how angry Wes is, but without resorting to swearing and profane language. I don't want to use bad language in this comic at all and it wouldn't suit Wesley's personality anyway. So instead, I've made him fire off a barrage of angry words. Well anyway, you get it... He's REALLY mad! I also don't like the way Wesley's head looks in panel 5. It looks good in panel 1 and bad in panel 5.
Now for the good things... I love everything else. I particularly like the final panel, showing Matt's angry face. I may have made the fanclub gang a little bit too small, but then again... Perhaps they just have a stunted growth or something. Maybe it's the water... Nick and Gordon are still young, so I guess they'll grow some more. Wesley might still get taller, but I don't know for sure yet. Anyway, I'm REALLY starting to ramble now...

Oh, and the colors look different because I've been experimenting with shading techniques again. I already said this a few times before, but I like to experiment while drawing this comic. That's why it may sometimes look a little different. This new shading technique is quick and easy (easier than my older technique anyway), so it helps to save me some time. It looks pretty nice too, only it's not very practical for action-scenes. So what do you guys think of this new shading technique? How does it look?
One of you, I forgot who it was, said that the color of Matt's pants was too similar to Nile's skincolor on the previous page. This new technique fixes that problem...

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